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IDEA: Clipboard extender that does not need an exe file to run

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Hello all,
if something matching the following description exists already, please let me know. I would not even know how to formulate the fitting question.
My problem:
At my office we are switching from a quite open XP environment to a totally lockdown Windows 7. We can work with some allowed applications, but executing any other exe file is prohibited. Drive C with programs and OS is hidden, installing anything is not possible. User rights are restricted. Just imagine any no-fun, paranoid, as little administration as possible provider and you got our new IT crowd.
After using ditto for 10odd years I dread the moment having to do anything manually again.
My question:
Is it possible to program a clipboard extension whatsoever that runs from a whatever programming environment (java, ahk, you name it) and circumvents the barricades of the user settings?
Thanks for thinking
Berlin, Germany

Wow that IS no fun. There is no way to get around that using a program. Best way I can think of is to use a folder on your desktop and keep your clips in there in a text file and you would have to copy and paste from that.

Another way would be to use the dos command CLIP. You can have a BATch file that copies a text file with your clip in it to the clipboard and then you can paste it. Not the best way, but I think that may work.

If you're not allowed to run un-authorized executables, then don't expect to be allowed to run scripts or script-like languages!

You'd better have the applications you want to use validated and authorized by your IT department, so you can run them like you are used to.

Yea..  Tell THE MAN to stop beating your down!   8)

Hello all,

thanks for your answers. I will have to live with the new situation.
There is no way to get THE MAN into helping me.  Our new IT crowd distributes a working environment with a fixed number of programs we need. Anything else is blocked. If we need additional programs, we have to pay. Ditto (the freeware) would cost some 20+ $ PER MONTH AND PER PC.

I will just do less work in the same time. Two of the greatest time savers are not available anymore. Ditto and Filebox Extender.

As I can't be fired (hired for life), THE MAN pays me my income even if my productivity goes down. I can live with that.

Berlin, Germany


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