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Google forbids resale or lending of Glass

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If they weren't already, I believe Google is now evil.  :'(

Essentially, no one but the intended recipient is allowed to use Glass or Google will shut it down remotely. Ownership is tracked based on each Explorer’s Google account, so it may still be possible for a quick demo with your friends, as long as they don’t sign in. It may seem absurd, but this was bound to happen. Companies can now retain control of hardware after its sold.

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I can understand - and accept - if this is for the first batch of Glasses, which to me seemed to be meant mostly for developers. Early access to nifty hardware often comes with some pretty draconian NDAs, just look at console development kits, for instance.

But if that stuff is in the general terms for all Glass devices to come? Whoa :o :o :o

Did they find a way around the First Sale clause? "You can sell your hardware but we'll turn off the service and service isn't sold etc etc"?

+1 and agree w/f0dder. AFAICT that restriction was put on the "Explorer" group's hardware since they're intended for devs.

I can't see them trying to do the same for consumer purchased sets - although being Google, they might be that crazy - since it would be virtually impossible to enforce. Unless...they're planning on keying the hardware to the user's retina pattern?

Hmm...retina patterns...

Ok, maybe it isn't really impossible to enforce single person use after all?

This is about Google's always-on spectacles, right?  Which allow users to video anything and upload it, regardless of privacy concerns?

A writer in a UK magazine suggested that users should be termed "glassholes..."


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