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Auto Email Screenshot


I was wondering if this or any software available will on a scheduled basis load a webpage, capture a screenshot and then email it to a list of people. I have looked hi and low and have had zero luck. Most software available does one or the other but not both.


That's a fascinating feature (idea)!

Easy to do with a batch file and two utilities.  wkhtmltopdf (or wkhtmltoimage) to pull the web page, then blat to send it on.  From what I remember it took some testing to figure out the command line for the wk stuff (I can check at work, I used it to do some monitoring a few years ago) but it wasn't too hard.  Blat is the command line mailer bomb.  Oh yeah, and a scheduled task to run the batch file.

Here is a sample of the 3-liner I used (slightly obfuscated):

--- Code: Text [email protected] /f %%i in ('datex.exe -f yyyymmddhhnn') do @set mydt=%%iwkhtmltopdf.exe --page-size Letter http://prtg/sensor.htm^?gr188=1^&timeout=60^&id=188^&position=0 d:\storage\ntt-graphs-%mydt%.pdfblat.exe - -to [email protected],[email protected] -subject "emailed web page" -from [email protected] -attach d:\storage\ntt-graphs-%mydt%.pdf -body "graph attached"
Datex.exe is from Bill Stewart's site
Blat is from the Blat site
wkhtmltopdf is from this Google Code page


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