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4.02 beta is up

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A minor beta release is up (4.02) at beta address:

v4.2.0 - April 15, 2013

* [Improvement] Clipboard toolbar button now includes some clipboard paste actions.
* [Improvement] Save and open dialogs are now resizable.
* [Improvement] Holding shift when triggering delete actions now bypasses recycle bin (conforms with standard windows behavior).
* [Improvement] You can now set the custom character used to replace illegal filename characters (default is '_')
* [Improvement+BugFix] Previously, the post-capture pop-up dialog operated on the image PRIOR to any alpha-transparency fixups that were applied to an active window capture; this could result in black areas around images that you copied to clipboard from within the postcapture dialog.  Now such operations are performed prior to display in the post-capture dialog -- Thanks BillS!
* [Change] If you try to trigger an active window capture from system tray menu you now get a message explaining that you can't trigger it that way.
* [BugFix] Previous version was deleting old settings files into the recycle bin.
* [BugFix] Random or black 1-pixel sized borders could appear at bottom and/or right border of image if anti-aliasing is enabled and an object with shadows is placed near bottom of image.

What i'd appreciate some help testing is the new post-capture pop-up dialog.  I've changed the order of some operations that take place as you can see in the entry above under "Improvement+BugFix".

So if you use the post-capture dialog, especially if you are using win7 and capture active windows, i'd appreciate you just making sure that things work as expected and that i didn't break anything.

Thanks for the character replacement option.
In the attached example I'm set up to append Firefox and Apr 2013 to the file name.

In the file naming template I have name as %filememo%
and comment as

in Automatic Captions I have %description% %customdate% %browserurl%

Previously, if I entered Post Pop Up Working Fine in the post-capture comment field I'd have had Post_Pop_Up_Working_fine as the first part of the file name. Now, I elected to use a space, so that's great for the Post Pop Up Working Fine part but it's not extending to cover the _Firefox__Apr 2013 part (my custom date is %b %Y, btw).

Also, it would be a cherry on top of the icing on the cake if multiple consecutive char replacements could be condensed into just a single item (see the double underscore between Firefox and Apr).

So, in my example I'd like no underscores at all in the file name and only single spaces.
At the moment, the final file name is
Post Pop Up Working Fine_Firefox__Apr 2013.png
I'd prefer to see
Post Pop Up Working Fine Firefox Apr 2013.png

Win7 Pro using the post-capture pop-up dialog

Captured 'Active Window' (SC's main window) via QuickCaptureBar.
Using 'To Clipboard:Image', then pasting into my Word Processor. see shot
There is a black border, using 'To Clipboard:Image',
but if I click 'Save Image and Show'-no black border.

Looking very nice. Thanks.
Post-capture pop-up dialogue seems to be fine so far on my laptop (Win7-64 Home Premium).

Just a user question: Is it possible to copy a "solid" object on the screen without the OS GUI artefacts?
e.g., artefacts as shown in the SSC capture of the Calculator, below.


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