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inspector Gadget's wireless finger phone

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of course it simply had to happen. Naturally, it was written in the stars from the very first time inspector Gadget (1983-1986) demonstrated it to the world: Your phone being integrated with your glove => the wireless finger phone:

The original but virtual wireless finger phone:

The real world wireless finger phone (made in China):

CES (Consumer Electronic Show, Las Vegas Convention Center, January) 2013

As the Danish reported said, this can be really useful up north during winter :-)

Real life pictures from Jonas Klinkvort Laursen©Danmarks Radio

oops, only now do I realize I have posted the thread in the wrong place; there is not much computer software to this soft knitwear! Will "someone" please move this thread over to Living Room? edit: thank you, mouser

^ seems to be in the Living Room now :)

I keep think what a plonker I'd look like, wearing and using one of these ....  :D

-yeah, so far the inspector's wfp is the more elegant solution.
Also, the knitwear is clearly Asian sized...

The least they could have done was make it brown, like the original Gadget Phone.


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