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Deleting Files Permanently From Thumbnail Panel

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Deleting files from the thumbnail panel changed between v4.00 and v4.01. All through the beta and up to release v4.00, I was always able to delete files permanently (bypassing the recycle bin) from the thumbnail panel by first selecting the files and holding the {Shift}+{DEL} keys. This is the standard key combination for permanently deleting files using Windows Explorer. Using this key combination, the pop-up would confirm that I wanted to permanently delete the files. Just selecting the {DEL} key would confirm delete and send to the recycle bin.

Starting in v4.01, holding the {Shift}+{DEL} doesn't provide the option to delete files permanently. There seems to be no way to bypass the recycle bin as in prior versions. Can you restore this functionality if it wasn't intentionally removed?

Confirmed in Windows 7 64bit

I get this with Shift+Del

Deleting Files Permanently From Thumbnail Panel

What happens if you check the box on the dialog window? Nevermind.

I see what happened --you are right this was a change introduced with 4.01, but not done on purpose.
I will endeavor to fix it.

I've added support for using shift key to bypass recycle bin in ALL deletion operations (via delete key or through menus) -- it will be in next release.


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