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IDEA: Standalone colour blender.

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From time to time I need to create colour gradients of up to 16 colours starting with just the colours at either end.
I do not need to actually see the colours during the process, what I do need to see are the HEX and RGB values.
I realise that this can be worked out mathematically but that takes time, more colours, longer the time.

Earlier today I discovered Color Blender which does what I am looking for online.
It is possible to download the source but that still means using a browser to run it, which I do not want to do.

What I am looking for is a small program that I can use offline without a browser.
The 'waterfall' display on the website is of no use to me, my interest is in what is to the left of it.
Actually showing the colours produced is not essential, although it was useful to have them there.
The rest of the layout would be ideal if it came as a standalone program.

I'm going to give this a go. I'll try to have something by end of tomorrow.

DC member Hamradio made a pretty nice color tool called Color Warlock.. maybe this is a feature he would consider adding to it.

DC member Hamradio made a pretty nice color tool called Color Warlock.. maybe this is a feature he would consider adding to it.
-mouser (April 07, 2013, 11:03 AM)
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Believe it is already added to my program. See below its in the chart builder for my program mouser mentioned. :)

Does not need installing just don't put it in a location like program files so it saves the configuration settings correctly to the program directory.

Save the charts to the custom directory and it will appear automatically in the Charts "Custom" menu with a small color preview beside it.  If you save elsewhere then you can use the open temporary color chart to open it.

Use that part then save the chart then it is possible to view the charts in main window.

Tip: You do not need to type in a hex for start color or end color as it can also come from a double click on the start color preview or end color preview to set the color to the current color that is in the color box. (Color box is the box above where it says AliceBlue in screenshot.)  So if you got the RGB set it in basic tab, then double click the color preview in blend to set it to that color.

You can have multiple color charts too with the rgb and hex values able to be copied with left/middle/right clicks. (Can customize the mouse button copy actions.)

Thanks for the replies.

I have downloaded a copy of Color Warlock and will continue experimenting but I have a few thoughts about what I want to do.

I use RGB more than I use HEX so I would like to be able to enter Start and End Colours in HEX or RGB without having to convert them.
I would like to be able to choose whether to show HEX or RGB values under Colors of Chart.
I would like to be able to copy HEX or RGB values, individually or as a list (gradient), as text. (Only worked out how to do it individually.)

When I am creating gradients I tend to have several programs open on the screen at the same time, on a 24" or 27" monitor that is not a problem, on a 10" monitor it can be.
The main window of Color Warlock is not something I would use but besides opening first it stays open with the Chart Builder window, which in turn I could not reduce in size.

In some respects Color Warlock is more complex than I was looking for, having said that it does do most of what I want and I will hang on to it while I keep looking.
One thing I did like was the full range of Middle Colors, the website I linked to only goes to 10.


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