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DONE: Copy one particular file into every folder in a subdirectory

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I'm glad you like it and it does what you needed.  :D

Two questions:

1.  SubCopy seems not to work with copying "shortcuts" into the target folders.  Can Chris or anyone explain why it's hard to handle shortcuts?

2.  SubCopy presently doesn't allow copying "folders."  While I have a small use for doing that, does such a request seem a bit over-the-top?


Yesterday using SubCopy I repeatedly copied various files into 75 different sub-folders.  SubCopy saved a huge amount of time, energy, tedium.  Great little gem.

Can Chris or anyone explain why it's hard to handle shortcuts?-nkormanik (December 18, 2013, 08:17 PM)
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It's not a matter of difficulty.  The fact is, shortcuts are files, too (.LNK).  So, you can either move them like a normal file or you can extract information from them (target, working dir, etc.) and then use that information.  The problem is that, unless you write the code so that it extracts that information, it will be treated like a normal file.

I find that indeed since the shortcut is a file..., if I RENAME the extension, yes, I can use SubCopy to copy to the various sub-folders.

Example:  Do.lnk ---> Do.lnkz

But without such renaming the extension, SubCopy won't copy the shortcut itself.

Trouble with the renaming of extension, one has to recursively go in and change the extension back to what it should be.

Recursively changing filename extension creates its own issue.  In present case..., 75 nested instances of Do.lnkz.

Just in case I decide to recursively rename Do.lnkz back to Do.lnk...

...can you please remind me how to do that?

Do.lnkz ---> Do.lnk

In 75 sub-folders.


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