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Bug in v4.00: strange black line at bottom of images


I've just downloaded and installed Screenshot Captor v4.00.02.  Unfortunately screenshots that I've annotated with boxes/circles are now showing a strange black line at the bottom.  See these examples:

That is very odd.. So we're talking about that black 1-pixel high line on the very bottom of the screenshot?
And you're saying that's not something that is in your actual image at the time of capture -- and that it spontaneously appears when you add the square/circle highlight annotations?

I am not unable to reproduce it here -- can you walk me through the process that leads to it, and give me some more details about when it appears and any clues you can discover about what triggers it?

Anyone else seen this happen to them?

That looks just like a pop-up I saw on some websites (can't recall where/when, but quite recent), that shows when the mouse is hovered over that area.

As a test, can you confirm that the problem goes away when you dont use shadows on the boxes/circles?

I think i have fixed this program in latest beta (v4.2):

Can you let me know if it's fixed in that version?


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