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I have to Start Launch Bar commander twice!!


I am using Windows 8. When I launch LBC, V 1.133.01, (or let it launch itself), I get 2 windows, one saying welcome to LBC, the other blank, displaying LBC.MCP. If I close these and launch it again, all is well.

Did you figure this out yet? Something is quite confusing about this.  Can you clarify what behavior you are seeing when you launch LBC.  Don't launch it twice.

J hope you can see attachment. 2 separate windows, I overlapped them just to make it easier to see.
If I launch it again, everything works fine

More info--
The first time, in addition to the 2 dialogs I sent, I noticed that there was also a LBC icon on my task bar (which contained my full launch bar).
When I closed the other dialogs, it also closed, hence the 2nd start.


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