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Registry cleaning software debunked...

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1. SSD has negligible seek time.
2. You can not defrag a SSD.
-tslim (April 01, 2013, 07:17 AM)
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Agreed, but neither of those had anything to do with my reason for partitioning the SSD.

I too have PerfectDisk which I still use on XP, after trying several others first I have never found a better program for the job.
I also use Defraggler, again on XP, for individual files.

I remember I read an article about how to reclaim your so called hidden partition space and I also remember the procedures are quite troublesome. I don't think that small amount of space worth the effort.

As with the registry, disk space was not a consideration, I had already decided to partition the SSD so doing it first made sense to me although the partitions have been resized since.

As far as I am aware the hidden partition is related to Windows backup and recovery options all of which I have disabled, including System Restore.
If I am not mistaken the files from that partition are still installed if the disk is already partitioned but into a folder on C:\ instead, so they are still there.

Carol Haynes:
IMHO registry cleaners are a waste of time and money - and worst they cause random problems that don't immediately appear (and so never get associated with the 'clean up').

Try running a registry cleaner before and after installing any version of MS Office and you will find dozens of new 'errors'.

I used to run registry cleaners, not anymore, too many blue screens.
Plus there is no way to know if or when the registry was corrupted.
I can't boot into a registry restore program, no way I know of anyway.

When I need to, I'll run Ccleaner to find something specific.


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