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Movies you've seen lately

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I don't who recommended fail-safe...but it was very good!
-superboyac (November 16, 2013, 05:35 PM)
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I haven't checked IMDB but I think it was the first big role for Larry Hagman as the interpreter.  Also it provided the basis for the Dr. Strangelove spoof.  I saw that in the theater but  was too young to get it.  I was pissed when all the bombs went off at the end.  I must have watched DSL a dozen times since though.  Just don't fight in the war room!  :)

Here's my latest list:

Skinwalker Ranch
Dark Skies
Now you see me

It's not The Godfather but I got a kick out of Killing Them Softly

It makes its point with a sledgehammer.  Penny ante Mafia guys killing each other over a few large while the big buys rip us off for trillions smooth as ice cream.

Bounty Killer: Over the top gun slingin' in the future. The main characters are head hunters for CEO's, literally! The babe in this kind of movie is very worthy of that name...and you can see that this crowd-funded movie was fun to make both on and off the set. Don't wear your thinking cap when watching, this is just a good old fashion fun ride.  :Thmbsup:

The Man From Earth: Just a group of professors/friends that try to have of going-away party in a remote location, because one of their own is leaving. That is and stays the whole movie set. The story is where the action takes place...addressing a lot of philosophical issues and concepts in interesting ways. Very well written!


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