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Movies you've seen lately

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Blackfish - A documentary that does make you think about cruelty to animals and how that results in profit and corporate lies where the loss of lives is just the costs of doing business. The last slide in the movie drives that message home. Not once did I lose sympathy for the orca that did the killing.

"The facts aren't what drive this film, the emotions behind them do." - taken from a user review at IMDB which sums up the whole experience perfectly.

Another flick I enjoyed was Limitless

Unfortunately it's yet another example of a film with a great premise that degenerates into plot cliche.

The wrinkle I did like was
Spoilerhow the drug made the hero smart enough to guide a chemist to fix the undesirable side effects of the drug.  Sort of like bootstrapping.

I don't who recommended fail-safe...but it was very good!

Edge of Darkness is pretty good. And not bad on the Massachusetts accent. Eastern and western mass. vary a bit in accent. But that's only noticeable by those who live there.


Just semi-marathoned the first season of the Caprica TV series over the last few days. Prequel to the Battlestar Galactica franchise (which I could never really get into) Caprica charts the accidental creation and subsequent development of the AI technology that ultimately led to the creation of the Cylons.

A quick history of the Cylons

I was very surprised at the caliber of the acting plus the plot and character development in this series. Better and far more intelligent than most scifi motion pictures. And absolutely head and shoulders above most of what gets put on TV these days even if it does get a little overdone in places.

Caprica Season 1.0 is 10 hours worth of complex storyline, with numerous subplots and twists throughout. If that's your sort of thing, you'll like it. I did.

Recommended. :Thmbsup:


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