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Error Message box hidden behind options window


When I opened the options window, it was centered and unmovable on my screen. (Win 7 64bit, 1920x1080 laptop, current version 4)

I was going through the options, and wanted to move the default screenshot folder. I mistakenly chose one of "link" version of "My Pictures" instead of the actual My Pictures folder. That caused an error dialog to come up. I could see just a sliver of it's right edge under the main options window. Fortunately, I was able to click a piece of the "red X" and close it. It was also not movable, and of course, it doesn't show up as a separate window on the task bar, so there was no way I found to move it.

Thanks for the report, tg, i will fix.

Quick general trick/tip: If you ever have a case where a modal foreground window won't turn active when you click on it and just beeps when you do -- it may be that it is in front of an error message box that has the focus, but cannot be clicked on.  In such a case one trick solution is just press the Escape key to close the error message box.


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