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Launch history not work

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Is FARR in a directory where it has write access? can you check the files in that directory and make sure they aren't marked as read-only?

FARR portable directory is C:/Program Files ;)

Instead of installing just unpacked zip.

All not read-only

can you try unpacking it into your Documents folder and see if it saves settings then?

And maybe try deleting ConfigDir_Default.ini and see if it works then.

On windows XP it actually should work fine with that portable release even in Program Files directory, but it would be nice to get some more clues.

I think not. It takes some time. I usually just close the operating system without a separate closing the FARR.
--- End quote ---

Can you check.  Run FARR, change some settings, exit FARR.
Restart FARR, are the changes remembered?


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