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Launch history not work

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Launch history not work. I mean that every time I open the program list "launch history " is clean. In the settings I have set "Add launched files to launch history". It works, but only to close the computer. I use FARR version 2.200.01 portable, Windows XP

If you change other options and exit the program, are the other options remembered?

I think not. It takes some time. I usually just close the operating system without a separate closing the FARR. Every time I need to close FARR?

it sounds like maybe farr is trying to save its settings in a place that it doesn't have write access to.
you say you are using portable version.. have you edited your FindAndRunRobot ConfigDir.ini and specified a directory that doesnt exist maybe? or something like that?

I not use ConfigDir.ini


// IMPORTANT NOTE: Lines starting with // are COMMENTS; you need to remove // to make a line active

// NOTE: When the program starts, it will check for the existence of the file ConfigDir.ini,
//  if that file exists, IT will be used.  If it is not found, then program will fall back to
//  ConfigDir_Default.ini.  So if you wish to overide the default PORTABLE configuration specified
//  in ConfigDir_Default.ini just create your own ConfigDir.ini file.



// This file (ConfigDir.ini) defines the directory where all configuration
//  files for the program will be stored.
// There should be only 1 actual line in this file that has any meaning,
//  the CONFIGDIR assignmane above.  Everything else here is just comments.
// By default it is normally set to the program directory itself, meaning
//  that all configuration/ini/settings/preferences will be store here
//  with this ConfigDir.ini file.  This is also best for when you want to
//  put the program on a usb drive.
// Sometimes it is preferable to store the configuration files in a
//  different directory, like a "C:\Documents and Settings" subdirectory
//  which is designed to store program configuration data, or a custom
//  directory specified by a user on a separate drive.
// TIPS:
// 1. You can comment out lines by prefacing them with //
// 2. You can use the following replacements:
//     . (actual program directory -- use this for portable usb, etc.)
//     %MYDOCUMENTS% (like C:\My Documents)
//     %APPDATA% (like C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data)
//     %PROFILE% (like C:\Documents and Settings\{username})
//     %COMMONAPPDATA% (like C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data)
// 3. The specified directory will be created if it doesn't exist.
// 4. If configuration files are not found in the specified directory,
//     any existing configuration files in the app dir will be copied
//     from the app dir to the specified directory.
// 5. If you edit this file while the program is running you need to
//     exit and restart the program before it will take effect.
//    CONFIGDIR=E:\MyCleverSettings\
// NOTE: the company and application subdirectory name will automatically be
//  added to the path specified (except for %APPDIR% which includes the name
//  already, i.e.:
//    "E:\MyCleverSettings" -> "E:\MyCleverSettings\DonationCoder\AppName\"
// NEW:
//  You can now signify that an app should run in portable mode (no files saved to anything but app dir)
//  by specifying the uncommented line:


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