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Bastion's dev announce a new game!

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Supergiant Games' follow-up to Bastion, Transistor is expected to be released in early 2014!

In Transistor, players assume the role of a young woman who gains control of a powerful weapon after a mysterious group of assailants nearly kills her with it. Now she must fight from street to street against forces that will stop at nothing to recover the weapon. During the course of the adventure, players will piece together the Transistor’s mysteries as they pursue its former owners.
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Just playing through Bastion over the last few days. It is certainly a polished game aesthetically - but I've found that the game-play is a little back. I've been doing pretty much the exact same thing all game, and although the voice over and pretty graphic held my attention well at the start, by game end I'm loosing focus.

The trailer above sure does look pretty, but I'll wait to see how much complexity is in the game-play before I commit.

Agreed. Bastion is beautiful. And I love the music. But I get bored of playing it very quickly.

I really liked Bastion.

True, gameplay is pretty much same old same old all way through, but atmosphere & aesthetics was what kept me glued to it. A lot of the late-game weapons are pretty crappy and boring (so I went for relatively early highly-upgraded ones), and I'm not super fond of the last one or two levels - other than that, I felt it was well worth playing through, though. And it had a reasonable length for my attention span :)

So if the devs can make another game that's as polished and atmospheric, I'm all over it.

The fact that you are being forced (OK not forced, but heavily pushed) to use new weapons right to the end, was a real disappointment to me; since it gave no time to develop or specialise your character.


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