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Prevent a program from launching my webbrowser?

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Sometime during the past few months I noticed that when I boot up my computer the browser would sometimes launch to Thinking I'd unknowingly been infested with malware, I googled around for what could be causing it.

The best that I could discover is that the culprit is a program called MotionInJoy which I have been using for a couple of years which allows me to be able to plug in my Playstation 3 controllers to my PC and use them as PC gamepads. The problem is that I don't want to uninstall MotionInJoy because I want to use my PS3 controller as a gamepad, but I do want to keep it from launching when my PC starts. Does anybody have any idea how to accomplish this?

What if you change your default browser?

You could use mouser's Browser Tray Switch and set a browser that doesn't have permission in your firewall (or a dummy executable) as your default browser. That way, anything that wants to automatically open a page without your permission, would fail in doing so.

(see mouser's last paragraph on the program's page)

Another alternative, without using additional software, could be blocking in your HOSTS file. This would only make that domain name fail, though, and would offer no protection against any other app that decides to act with similar behavior.

Uh... But what if I want my default browser to open up websites in other programs?

Do you normally want it to do it on bootup? Probably not, so you'd just use Browser Tray Switch to change the default to the browser of your choice when you are ready, which would be after MotionInJoy failed its automatic attempt to open

But if you do have pages that you want to be able to open at bootup, then use the HOSTS method that I mentioned. It won't stop MotionInJoy from attempting to open the page, it won't stop your browser from opening, but it will stop from loading.


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