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(Software metaphor) Not just bugs... bedbugs!


A fun little thread for when you get a bug and it's not just a cute little daddy longlegs spider that you can reboot windows to make it go away (remember those Indian support level 1 tech scripts?)

No, this is a bug in software that you have to figuratively throw out all the furniture, freeze your books for three months in a certified freezer facility, wash all your clothes in special soap, hire the exterminator seven times, pay fees for violating landlord rules, and risk losing your lease. Software version.

Anyone been THERE?   :o   :'(

(Based on advice from a buddy not to bring home random otherwise-cool books and stuff from the street in NY.)

That's one of the pitfalls of living on the cutting edge. You get to be the one that makes all the forum posts complaining about the problems an app causes you...the posts that the rest of us will read later and decide an app isn't worth the risk.  ;)

I don't think I have been there in quite a long time, not since trying to install/upgrade apps written in VB6 on a certain WinME machine would cause the system to hang on the splash screen for 24+ hours. Sure, I could have just let it go and eventually it would load the OS and everything would be ok, but who knew how many days that might take? Sometimes it was just faster to wipe and reinstall everything, only to have this all repeat itself about 3-4 months later when I had to upgrade another VB6 app. (and now you know why I hate storing any personal data or installing software on the OS partition)

TaoPhoenix, are you speaking of a severe bug that upsets our life?

TaoPhoenix, are you speaking of a severe bug that upsets our life?
-Giampy (March 15, 2013, 11:37 AM)
--- End quote ---

No. Not upset. If you are upset, a good talk with your buddies at DC in the IRC room will let you blow off steam and then you get over it. I mean a bug that takes your life, sells half of it to China and sticks you with the customs export penalty, auctions part of it on eBay but the buyer charges it back and Paypal decides to be mean and freezes your account for a month, and the last part goes on an expedition to climb Mount Everest as a guide where three of the clients get lost, and it loses its life trying to rescue them. (Into Thin Air, Jon Krakauer.)

Figuratively. As a bug.


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