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Problem with my Gmail account...


I change my Google account password, turn on my phone verification and then...
I can only access my GMail server through browser...

MS Outlook 2010 and MailWasher both fail to access (incoming server) and (Outgoing server)
The error was Bad username or password... man, I am sure I input them correctly.

This guy has the same problem but none of the clues in the discussion works for me

Has anyone come across the same problem as me? Any help?

Two step verification (phone verification) for GMail requires you to set up a 'device key' for each system you use to connect to your gmail.
Things like local email clients will not work with your normal password.
To get them working follow the steps below:

Go to
sign in
go to your 'Account page'
click Security
click 'Settings' of 2 step verification.
Go to 'Application specific passwords' -> 'Manage Application Specific Passwords'.

Type in a name for your device/app (eg. Home Outlook)
click Generate password.
copy the key it provides.
use that key as the password for your outlook.
rinse and repeat the last four steps for mailwasher and any other device or app you want to use.


Hi nidusin,

You have solve me a big trouble, a BIG Thank to you!  :-* ;D :)


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