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Just a question- I've noticed the incidents of developer discussions here wane.  There's a topic here and there- but mostly tangentially related to development.  Nothing to really sink the teeth into from a development perspective.  I know we have a wide variety of platforms and languages represented, but I really do miss that.  I guess for answers I tend to go to SO- which is good for Q&A.  But sometimes you want more than just the answer, and that's one of the things I've loved about DoCo is the number of smart people here that can discuss these kinds of topics in a civilized manner.

Has anyone else noticed this and/or missed this?

If you miss it, start one.

If that's not what we're doing for some reason, then just starting one wouldn't get the desired result, now would it?  That's why I was asking.  So any thoughts?

Depends on your desired result, actually. You can't enforce certain topics.

I've noticed the decline. I figure it's probably just a temporary trend. I know that I myself go through phases where I don't bother much with the computer at all, much less programming. But then the bug will bite me again, and I'll be "turned on" for a few months, and sometimes even post here about my projects and ideas.

There definitely has been a decline in developer discussions. Given the complexity of individuals and their daily lives, it's got to be the case that many factors play into this. I predict we'll see developer discussions wax, rather than wane, again, at some point.


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