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IDEA: Terminate processes and remove USB

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Often using my USP device, I'mnot ableto remove it because something's open (sometimes it's just Explorer or something like that).

I'd like a program that could substitute the Remove USB Device icon and function of Windows, and substitute it with something that would automatically terminate all processes running via USB (whether it be an exe or a doc) and detach hassle-free my USB device.

First... would this be safe? and is it possible?


 :) Try this one!

CloseAndEject [/url] - Close all open files before ejecting a drive.

- Press Eject to close all handles and eject the drive.
- Double leftclick a line to activate the process.
- Double rightclick a line to kill the process.
- Command line: CloseAndEject.exe <Drives> Eject
     Example: CloseAndEject.exe DE Eject
     Closes open files on drive D and E, ejects and exits.
- Uses Handle.exe by
- Use with caution! Closing handles can cause bluescreens!

You'll find the downloads and more info at 1 Hour Software by Skrommel.


you're a genius skrommel!

would it be possible to:
- iconize to system tray;
- auto-refresh;
- on "EJECT" put OK/CANCEL;
- make it easier to distinguish which drive (perhaps a pulldown menu, where you choose which drive, and upon choice you see only what is running from there);

By the way, I'm using PStart off a 2GB Micro Cruzer and it wasn't shown, nor was it closed when ejected. to C&E it says that the drive was ejected, but in fact it closed everything except PStart (which it didn't even see) and it did not eject my drive.

thanks guy! we'll get you some points!  ;)

 :tellme: CloseAndEject uses Handles.exe from SysInternals, and it didn't find my USB by default either.

Would it be too much trouble to ask you to send me the file handles.txt from your CloseAndEject folder?


Another possibility is Unlocker -- a very cool ShellExtension.


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