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Edge of Space - Free Beta Weekend


Edge of Space is a dynamic open-world sandbox with exploration, crafting, building, terraforming, survival game. Where you create, mold, and work to survive. Where free updates, multi-player, mod support, and community driven development will help drive the future of the game.

As one of the few, proud, and lucky men and women of ArkCo, you must go where no one has wanted to go or was technically “meant” to go. After an indeterminate time in cryo-sleep, you awake to find yourself in a lonely, Bermuda Triangle-like area in the depths of space. So get ready to explore, scavenge, build, survive, and fight rocket-powered, cybernetically-enhanced laser sharks wanting to feed on you.
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They're still developing the game, so to raise awareness and test out their software, they're having a free weekend where anyone can play. Get your beta key here:

And if you pre-purchase (from any vendor), you'll get a free Steam key if/when the game is greenlit. Which by the way you can help out by voting for it on the Steam Greenlight page.


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