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Listary 4 released - tons of new features

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Yes. You'll get life-time updates for free.

I still recommend you try it first. You can reassign the Win + S hotkey to something like Ctrl + Shift + S easily in Listary Options - Hotkeys.


Find as you type is a unique feature of Listary that is not available in any other application. It allows you to type the search term directly (without a hotkey) in your favorite file manager. Currently Windows Explorer, open/save file dialogs, XYplorer and xplorer2 are supported. Directory Opus will be supported next week (GPSoftware is kind enough to release a new version to support Listary).
-Channing (March 16, 2013, 07:08 AM)
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Channing, thanks very much for posting this.  I've ignored the info DOpus has been sending about new versions, since they're beta, and I tend not to mess with beta versions.  As a result, I had no idea that DOpus would soon support Listary.  As a very happy user of DOpus and Listary, I'm delighted to know about this.

I just wanted to say thanks for being active in the discussion here. 
I just found the support section of the Listary page  so I'll post my questions there.

Note to others:  FYI-- Looks like Listary is at BDJ for one more day...

i assume this is where the custom apps go, but how do i add one? i don't see the 'add' button.

i assume this is where the custom apps go, but how do i add one? i don't see the 'add' button.
-lanux128 (March 18, 2013, 01:42 AM)
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Listary 4 doesn't support adding custom applications  :( Which application you'd like to add?


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