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Listary 4 released - tons of new features

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Excuse me, David.P, but "Listary rocks! I love" is exactly the type of "info" you get on Listary all over the web. I was tempted to say "useless info" but ok, it at least says, lots of people like this tool - but that we know now, right? (And then, there are people who say the (much more expensive, it's 30 dollars, and per computer) QuickJump is much better (but again, without giving reasons).)

I tried to have some real info, on Listary 4's new "project" feature, by their website, and by their (awful) videos, and I think I could see that it has NOTHING to do with projects (rectify if I'm wrong):

It's NOT virtual folders, which contain (Listary-generated, Listary-managed) "links" (not used as a technical term here) to files from various folders, grouped together here (as we have in various file managers, but where these "virtual folders" are not managed in any really practical way (want to have quick access? even when you have 25 of such virtual, "project" folders? see what I mean?)), but Listary 4's "projects" seem to be just normal, physical folders in which you copy (! good look with your versioning efforts!) files from other folders, or into which you move files from other folders (which means that in their original folder, they are not available anymore for any other "projects" or within their "reference context" (since you took it out from there)).

So I have the strong impression that Listary is hype (in part), not real excellence (what they call "projects", is nothing more than "favorites") - if I'm wrong with their "projects", please tell me so. (Okay, for the low price asked (which includes life updates; see the problems Xyplorer and Xplorer2 get into with such a strategy), almost everything would appear "great", but then, I prefer to bear the total cost of ownership in mind, meaning if some competitor is much better in functionality, its higher price will probably "pay" within weeks.)

I tried the "virtual folder" management of XYplorer, of Xplorer2, of Director Yopus, and of Speed Commander, and in view of the above, I wasn't delighted. Does anybody know better such / more practical "virtual folder" implementation in any file management tool, or did I even misunderstand the "project" feature in Listary?

Did I even misunderstand the "project" feature in Listary?
-evamaria (March 14, 2013, 07:21 AM)
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I think you may indeed have misunderstood Listary's projects.

A project is a keyword that limits Listary's search to a single drive / folder or a collection of folders.

Example: I like to search my music collection which is spread over 2 drives in 3 folders. I add an entry for each folder in the projects view and give them all the same keyword "mu" as an abbreviation of "music".

Then I search "mu jackson" to see only files and folders from my music collection (the 3 folders defined earlier) that contain the word jackson.

NOTE: Listary does include favourites - bookmarked folders to which you want to gain access with only one click or minimal typing, but this is quite separate from 'projects'.

(much more expensive, it's 30 dollars, and per computer) -evamaria (March 14, 2013, 07:21 AM)
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I'm not sure about Quick Jump, but Listary seems to be "per user" rather than per computer.   
Also it's $20, though coinsidently, they have it on BDJ today to $10.

SORRY, AMPA, hadn't got it was your explication I'm grateful for, so many thanks to you, and sorry again! Original post:

Thank you very much, kunkel321 - obviously, I didn't understand their explications, but I instantly understand yours!

It's not a coincidence, I've been looking at bits for days, where it had been marked as "upcoming", but you're perfectly right, it's on sale there at this very moment (had looked this morning last time, but too early...).

So it's even more imminent, but in fact, I'm dubitive if I really have to bloat my system with another application just for "having it got for almost nothing".

In fact, I had mused about their "projects", thinking, "but they got shortcuts to folders anyway, so what? perhaps it's a different group of shortcuts?" - thanks again for explaining. But then, I believe to know that in the past, they only got finds (files) from your current folder, and then integrated "Everywhere" (no, the other one, what is it called again? public domain? free, at least), into Listary, in order to make it find files in every folder (before, people hat used both, in combination, which is now not necessary anymore).

So, the "projects" feature is simply a means to avoid a maximum of false finds being pulled into the list, since you search by name PARTS (which is a very good thing indeed), but by the price of not getting some wanted hits that are spread (yet) in some other folders not included in your respective "project".

And it can't gather various files into real project folders, which is the one thing that would be really of tremendous interest: A simple, practical way of managing virtual folders is missing (and so, most people who would need such a thing, are fiddling with

Listary is per user and up to three computers, QuickJump is per computer, which means every three computers, it's 20 dollars (or today 10, and "lifelong"), vs. 90 dollars (and with paid upgrades which are some 75% of the full price, with that developer) - hence 100 or more Listary sold for 1 QuickJump (my guess) - 9 times the price! (crazy)

Oh, oh, I remember that QuickJump is expected to LEARN from your use (and that's why I refrained from trialling them both - wasn't in the mood to install them both, one for 3 weeks, then the other for 3 weeks), which means some sort of "artificial intelligence", again for avoiding unwanted finds (and if I understand well, in QuickJump's case, by pushing lesser probable hits to the bottom of the list you'll get).

And I wrongly assumed (without really thinking about it) that Listary functions the same way, whilst in fact, as soon as you understand Listary's "project" concept, you understand there's no ai in Listary, but either you get the long, long list, unsorted by probable relevance, or you fiddle with "projects" and risk to not have some hits you might dearly want - and then, it's clearly a mixing up of tagging and sorting, which is another conceptual problem.

But at this price... right?

Is there anyone who knows any virtual folders manager?

Not mentioned in my list above, that is, and with easy access, preferably? (I had forgot to mention FileBoss - they just brought out a brand-new version - but FileBoss isn't cheap, and then I'm seeking something that would not imply to switch to a full-grown file manager with all its bells and whistles.)

Both bits from bits. Please vote the bits dumbo of the month.


Renaud Duval
Just Bought the software. I have been using free version for a long time now. But want to support the company as this is really a software that helps you save time and navigate quickly where you want. You must buy it, really. Direct access to latest folders and preferred folders. Change your life.

(Here, the prime is, "But want to support the company" when everybody knows that for supporting the company (with 20$), you should buy tomorrow (or should have bought yesterday) - today the company gets about 4$.)


Joe McCormick
I purchased Listary Pro v 3 on 12/17/2011 from BitsDuJour.
I don't know if this purchase was for lifetime upgrades? I see now you have a new version 4 on BitsDuJour with lifetime upgrades.
I did download the new version 4 and installed it over the old version 3 and it did take the serial number.
Does that mean that my purchase was for lifetime upgrades back then?

I: plus 1 for b but an honorable mention to a's superb goodwill.


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