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jolidrive: All your cloud services in one place.


From the folks who brought you jolicloud:

Together we have built the best alternative cloud platform with our OS, our desktop, our app center and for some of you, our collector netbook, the Jolibook. Until now, only one thing was really missing to make your experience complete: a simple and elegant access to your data.

Jolidrive is the best interface to run everything from the cloud, with one login. No need to download anything onto your computer any longer. To help you move your life online we’ve made it easy to connect to dozens of GB of free storage.
You can try it now on your favorite browser at
--- End quote ---

There's another app for the same thing -  They've recently gone pay.  I wonder about the same thing on this.

Just musing...

I dunno. Jolicloud OS has been a free OS for a while. It's essentially a Linux operation system/community. "Going Pay" seems kind of antithetical to that.

But if they do go pay, it's not like you can't access your cloud services individually like you always have up to this point in time.

Well yes... you can do the same with otixo.  But you get used to the convenience.  I notice one thing that Otixo has that Jolicloud doesn't and it makes it a little less useful to me, unfortunately- S3.  That would be a cool addition.


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