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Microsoft and Windows 8 get two fingers from Stardock

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Carol Haynes:
Brilliant Stardock. First there was Start8 to bring back the start menu to Windows 8 and NOW

<trumpet fanfares loudly>

ModernMix ...

Briliiant name for a brilliant idea to get Windows 8 under complete control!!!

Run all the metro apps in windows on the desktop - and start them from the dekstop.

I love the idea of ModernMix - really it should be called RetroMix but an even better name could have been F**KMS

Next question: how long before MS either sues them or offers to buy them out?

I think "Metro-Fixed" might be a better name for it. ;D :Thmbsup:

I am so gonna buy a copy once it's out of beta. 8)

Carol Haynes:
Just downloaded it - the apps scale within their windows (retaining aspect ratio) and you can pin them to the taskbar (if you want to do such a thing).

An extra button is included just inside the app window (next to close) which toggles back full screen - and the button is present in the Metro interface on all apps.

Makes Windows 8 actually useful!

  MS only gets one finger from me......the middle one.....

  MS only gets one finger from me......the middle one.....
-Tinman57 (March 06, 2013, 06:35 PM)
--- End quote ---

I believe that the "Two Fingers" is essentially the European version of the gesture you just described.


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