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upgrade to SSD

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time has come for me to upgrade to an SSD

is there a painless way, without losing any data/settings? without having to reinstall Win7, drivers, etc?


From experience, windows loves a fresh install.

New computer/laptop?

If new then you might be better off doing a fresh install (check bios to set HD to AHCI) and install Win7.

Not sure if there is a painless way aside from creating an image and hope it will work properly (when restored back). I think Win7 has a built in image creation tool.

Clone your drive to the SSD if possible. However, the SSD must be as large or larger than your current system drive.

If you have a Samsung SSD, they have a program called "Magician" that helps you do it.

Keep in mind that you'll need to reboot for all this and likely need to create a bootable USB or CD for the cloning software, etc.

XXClone should be all you need.  I have used it myself to easily clone a current Windows boot disk to another disk/SSD.

all these 8 seconds boot-up time is enticing me to get an SSD.


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