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DDoS: Terrorism or legitimate?

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DDoS: Terrorism or legitimate form of protest?
Some people seem to think that distributed denial of service attacks can be justified morally or ethically. Read this analysis to find out if that claim is supported or thoroughly debunked.

The author barely pretends to address the issue. He's merely screaming that DDoS is criminal. He's a douche.

There is no room for prevarication. A distributed denial of service attack is criminal and may well be a terrorist attack. There is no high ground here. If you participate in a DDoS attack, you're either a criminal or a terrorist...and a fool.
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Yeah... DDoS is "terrorism". Ridiculous. In the extreme. The guy is an idiot and just posting for absurd shock value. It's typical tabloid journalism. Tomorrow he'll post about bat-baby vampires drinking the blood of children raised by werewolves in Atlantis.

While hijacking thousands of computers for a DDoS is one thing, it's a very different thing to yell out to a crowd of people, "Hey, let's all visit somerandomwebsitedotcom tomorrow at high noon," and then laugh as the site goes down.

"It's only funny until somebody loses an eye."  :P

"It's only funny until somebody loses an eye."  :P
-40hz (February 26, 2013, 08:59 PM)
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The correct answer, as with all things in IT, is, "It depends."

DDoS by a foreign military is an act of war.
DDoS by a violent, paramilitary religio-political/whatever organization is resistance/terrorism, and it all depends on what side of the fence you're on.

Killing people is murder? We don't call it that when it's self-defense.

It all depends... And the author isn't remotely interested in addressing anything except to dismiss or trivialize anything that doesn't scream "criminal" or "terrorism". He's a flake.


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