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The StoryBundle Indie Fantasy Bundle


StoryBundle's Indie Fantasy Bundle of reading goodness is available at

The titles in StoryBundle's Indie Fantasy Bundle include:

The Book of Deacon - Books 1 & 2 by Joseph Lallo
The Second Coming by David H. Burton
The Duchess of the Shallows by Neil McGarry and Daniel Ravipinto
Sword and Chant by Blair MacGregor
The Tormay Trilogy - Books 1 & 2 by Christopher Bunn
Strange Places by Jefferson Smith

If you pay more than the bonus price of just $10, you get two bonus books, which are the third and final books in The Book of Deacon and The Tormay Trilogies:

The Book of Deacon - Book 3: The Battle of Verril by Joseph Lallo
The Tormay Trilogy - Book 3 by Christopher Bunn

As a special treat for our readers, Joseph Lallo and Christopher Bunn have both created special editions of their trilogies just for StoryBundle. Each author has combined the first two volumes of their three-volume series into one special edition. We've also included part three of the series as bonus titles, because we're sure you'll enjoy these fantastic stories and want to see them through to their thrilling conclusions.

For more info on the Indie Fantasy Bundle, visit our news page. Whether you're a fantasy fanatic or new to the genre, we know you'll love this one.

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