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removal tool for ScreenShot Captor


I loaded ScreenShot Captor, didn't like so uninstalled it-I thought! I can't get rid of it. It's not in uninstall, it is in explorer. Won't let me delete. Problem is, it keeps starting on start up! Help?

you probably uninstalled it while it was still running in the system tray, which prevented it from completely uninstalling.

1) you could do the old trick of re-installing and then re-uninstalling. (just make sure its not running in tray when you uninstall).
2) just delete the C:\Program Files\ScreenshotCaptor directory

Hi ianhad,

when you installed Screenshot Captor, the installer created a ProgramGroup in your Startmenu. There you can find a "Uninstall Screenshot Captor" entry which will uninstall the program for you.

Normally the installer also creates, as any other well programmed application under Windows do, an entry for uninstalling Screenshot Captor in the ControlPanel->Software Tool. I can't understand what happened when you don't have such an entry. Strange!

If you don't mind to tell us, what you don't like in ScreenshotCaptor, i think we and mouser will appreciate your hints. This will help mouser to improve his program. Would be very kind of you.


How come you didn't like screenshot captor, though?


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