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Screenshot Captor 3.28 aka 4.0RC Beta Test - Mar 17, 2013 - Feedback Wanted

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Thanks so much xcopy, that's a good bug that you caught.
Ath -- should I make the eraser use same size as paintbrush?

new version up, hopefully fixes the border color issue.
also i improved a weird maximization bug that was causing sc to forget the un-maximized size of its window.

let me know what other bugs you can find.

ps. check out the new arrow-text edit button -- should make it easier to put more text on your arrows.

Just a note about the new border fixes:  The graphics library can be aggressive about caching images, so you need to turn the border option on and off in order to see change of results.

You seem to have "InverseColor" listed twice under paint mode:

My understanding of the '%num%' Image Caption option under Automatic Captions is that it adds a 3-digit auto-incrementing number in place of the field. 

However, the beta version shows %num% as seen below:


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