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Screenshot Captor 3.28 aka 4.0RC Beta Test - Mar 17, 2013 - Feedback Wanted

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When editing the caption you can select all of the text with the mouse or keyboard fine.
If you right-click the mouse to do a copy the text changes back to unselected.
Ctrl-C works fine.

Thanks everyone for the beta testing, it is really really appreciated.

I have uploaded a new version and tried to fix some of the bugs found above -- and made lots more tweaks.. again I hope i didn't break anything but wouldn't be surprised if i did, since there are so many moving parts when it comes to objects and transparency now..

So please do try the newly uploaded beta again.

And now to address some questions above.

Splice out should now mostly work on freehand paint player too.  what a pain(t).
Freehand paint flood feature -- the enclosing area must be a freehand paint drawn region.  You cannot flood fill an area defined by the normal background of the image.  I may try to add that as an option later.  It sounds like you were doing it right though, so please try again and let me know if its still not working.

Regarding multiple undos needed.. yes i'm afraid i don't have a good solution to that at this point.  Undo is still slightly wonky.

There are quite a few new little tweaking options in this beta, related to speed of file saving (and to a lesser extent) drawing and zooming, when dealing with images that have transparency information and many objects on screen at the same time.

To speed things up if you work with lots of objects you might want to experiment with:
1. Enabling the GDI+ library option on the Drawing Objects tab.
2. Enable flattening or assume opaque object backgrounds on Image File Format tab.

It's a bit funny to see that the eraser is a few pixels wider then the pencil in free-draw mode. Until you want to fill the erased line with a different color and it doesn't fill the erased line-width... :huh:


Thanks for the new beta. Great stuff, as always.  :up:

I played with the GDI+ settings and experienced the following:
When GDI+ is enabled and you draw a highlighting rectangle, the border color is taken into account when calculating the transparency. This happens even when "Border Color" is unchecked. I guess this should not happen in any case?
I made a screencast to clearify what I am talking about:
This effect does not happen when GDI+ is disabled.

Additionally (regardless of GID+ or nor) the repainting is not completely clean when you first have a border and then uncheck the border option. There still remains a tiny border of that color and a white line at the bottom. You can see this in the screencast above, too, at minute 0:22 and 1:06 to 1.08.


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