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Screenshot Captor 3.28 aka 4.0RC Beta Test - Mar 17, 2013 - Feedback Wanted

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New beta version up with bugfixes and tweaks.

I'd love some more testing -- especially in identifying anything i may have broken, as I'd like to release an official update tomorrow.

I just downloaded the latest version and it's great to see you continually improve SSC.

A few minor issues:

1. The Welcome Help page says version 3.15.1 but I guess it should be 3.16.1?
2. If you add a caption and then undo it, you have to press Ctrl Z twice, first to remove the caption, then second to remove the white area beneath the caption
3. The same goes for other undos, such as try using Edit->Crop with border effects. Maybe this is intentional to allow selection undo's of the various steps to achieve the cropping?
4. After starting SSC, I tested the Caption functionality and added a caption. However after adding the caption, the selected area isn't the full image. It seems to to be the selecting what would have been the size of the original image. A second capture and the selected area resembled the area of my first capture...  Sorry if I am not explaining it correctly.

If I get a chance I will continue testing and report back.

Just downloaded it. Here are some first thought.

Related to "Freehand painting"
- i use PaintBrush Opject
- i draw an circle with Paint Mode
- i utilize Flood Mode (within paint strokes)
- i guess that means i can fill inside my circle?
- i click into the circle .... the whole picture area is colored now?!!?

Also i try
- i utilize Flood Mode (within paint strokes)
- i try to draw an circle, because i think "maybe it is to draw an area?"
- but...the whole picture area is colored now?!!?

Do i miss something?
Isn't this Flood feature to fill an before drawn object?

Additional issues:
- i miss
an "hold Shift key to draw straight  horizontal and vertical lines"
and "hold Ctrl to draw straight lines but in an wanted angel" option.

- i miss
always an undo button in the right button bar.

I have tested a few more features i am interested in.

1) Quick Expand Canvas – works and seems to be very useful

2) Browsing the options dialog, I thought “wouldn’t it be fine to have the possibility
to use several different settings, depending on the work you have to do today?”
Means:  Option to Save and Load Settings
Also I often miss something like having an tray menu item: “Capture with setting foobar-01”
Or more general: "Activate Setting > foobar-01", the chose the capture method
and capture and set back with "Activate Setting > default".

3) On using "Spice out strip" and undo,
the "highlighting rectangle" has moved his position.
But the PaintBrush object e.g. not.
I guess all objects should remember there position.

That "Spice out strip" on its own is a very useful feature i have mentioned already, isn't it? Thanks for adding that.


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