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"Incorrect" filename for "Grab selected region"

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I just noticed (off-topic? do you want a new thread?) that "Grab Active Window" (with the 3.15.01 beta) yields an incorrect filename for console applications: the title of the window which is just "below" the upper-left corner of the console (current) window/application is used instead.

Hi sba,

Can you give me more details -- and maybe some screenshots?

The only time SC should have to "guess" at the window to use is if its a region capture or if there was no window active at time of initiation of the capture.  But if you are performing an Active Window Capture of the foreground window, it should be grabbing it properly.

Here's a very simple scenario I just played with 4.00

- start Notepad
- maximize it
- start CMD
- move it about the middle of the screen, in front of the maximized Notepad
- hit Alt+PrtSc
- the resulting filename is

Screenshot of 'Untitled - Notepad' on 2013-03-28.png

whereas I would expect

Screenshot of C:WindowsSystem32Cmd.exe' on 2013-03-28.png

or something.

(I hate to say, I still have no clue as to how to attach a file to a forum post here...)

When I do that it labels mine correctly as from the command prompt not notepad.. What operating system are you using?
Anyone else see this behavior?  Can you experiment a bit more and see if it's related to some setting?
I wonder if it's getting confused while trying to do background removal on win vista/7?

OS is 64-bit Windows 7 Pro

Don't have pre-Windows 7 OSes here to test with.

What are you running?


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