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Suggestion: Renaming file before coping to clipboard


Screenshot Captor is an amazing program with lots of great features, but there's just one feature that I've been really wanting.

When I take a picture, I generally just copy it to the clipboard, to share over Skype.  The problem is that the file name is always a timestamp, which is not what I like.  I would like to send the file through Skype with a specific file name.

To do this now, I have to save the file to my computer, and then send it over Skype.  To me, this wastes space and time.

A possible way to incorporate this into the program, is to make the "Copy to Clipboard" button (on the pop-up dialog) have a right-click (or shift-click?) option to give it a custom file name.
Or there could just be an option in the preferences to turn the feature on.

Thank you!
And if this is already possible, I'd like to know how I can enable it.  Thank you :)

Check out the settings, there are at least a dozen of options for naming the file and even for not saving to disk.

I looked for a quite a while in the options... I couldn't find it, and I ended up having to revert everything because everything I tried messed up something else.  I wouldn't have made an account here if I was able to fix it right
Is there a specific option I should be looking for to show a naming dialog when saving to the clipboard?

Look at the File Naming Template tab in options.

Well, that's what I was already looking at, but it doesn't do what I request.  They are default file names, rather than the clipboard name.

Clipboard names look like this: IMG_17022013_154812.png

I'll just have to deal with it - just wanted to see if there was an easier way ^-^


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