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Gamers deemed too fast for real-life race


In 2008 Nissan and Sony PlayStation teamed up with an interesting concept – could expert gamers on the Gran Turismo computer game transform their skills to real life racing?

After 25,000 applications in 13 countries they invited the best gamers to a ‘GT Academy’ for intensive training and the results proved to be better than anyone expected.

The programme has already produced drivers such as Spain’s Lucas Ordonez and France’s Jordan Tresson who have both gone on to compete in the 24 hours of Le Mans.

Last year’s GT Academy winner Jann Mardenborough teamed up with a pro driver Alex Buncomb and entered the British GT pro-am series - an event where a pro is teamed up with a 'gentleman driver' who is expected to be slower than his partner.

However, despite having no professional driving experience, Mardenborough proved to be as fast as the pros and was so good that the series has now banned further GT Academy drivers from taking part.
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Ha! Interesting. Thanks for sharing. (c:

Yeap, interesting, but cmon.. nothings beats real life experience.. don't be silly kids, gaming != real life, not yet atleast? In gaming there is no risk of death for you or others or injury etc. (real life death, not virtual death). Just sayin'  :'(

Just because you're a good gamer, or pretty damn good in your game, doesn't mean you will be good in real life in the same situations. You need to condition yourself to the environment and train.. takes years (for some months).


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