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In Explorer Context Menus, allow sub-folders, and custom positioning of entries


For many of us, Explorer Context Menus are a mess.  Every other program we install wants to add something to them.  After this happens a few times limits are reached, existing context menu entries get bumped, no longer available, new ones get added that we don't want.

I periodically use a program (Glary Utilities, one of many that can do the same thing) to disable context menu entries I don't care about.  The disabled entries number at least 10X that of the enabled ones.

I've come across one commercial program, Moo0 RightClicker Pro,


that allows repositioning any and all context menu entries into separate sub-folders or sub-menus of the Explorer context menu.  Being able to do that seems a great idea.

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a free program capable of this, or if one can be made by someone here.

Nicholas Kormanik

I'd like this as well, and then I remembered  FileMenu Tools.

I think it does pretty much what you want, and it's free :)

FileMenu Tools is good for adding in the offered utilities, or creating shortcuts to existing applications.  And it does allow you to put these into folders.  So, that's a good thing.

But I don't think FileMenu Tools allows you to put your present context menu items into sub-folders, and reposition out of the regular context menu.

What we need is some ingenious way to 'sub-folder' the existing mess.

@nkormanik: Thanks for the info. - Moo0 RightClicker Pro 1.48 (Free to Try) looks rather nifty and seems to do some things for the right-click menu that I had not come across before.

@TucknDar: FileMenu Tools (Freeware) looks very interesting. In particular, I noticed that it includes this function:

* Unpack Folder: Moves all the elements in the selected folders to the parent folder, and deletes these empty folders.
That could be useful as an alternative solution here: DONE: Delete folders within directory but not the files within the folder


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