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IDEA: I need something similar...can this code be modified to do this


I am a network admin for a large law firm.  I need to setup some windows rights on our network that would allow end users to create files and folders, but NOT delete or move them once created.  This poses a problem, because when you right click, and CREATE FOLDER, it displays a folder called New Folder.  You go to rename it, and in the background, Windows tries to delete it, and then give it a new name.  Without delete rights, you cannot rename.  So what I would like, is a shell extension that when you right click, has a CREATE NEW FOLDER option (or some such name), but POPS up and asks you for a folder name like your app does if you have more than 1 file to move to a new folder...but I am not moving files, just want that function to create a new folder.

Is that doable?  Or has anyone seen anything like it?



Hi, quinting, and welcome to the DonationCoder site.  AFAIK, under NTFS, you must have delete rights to rename a file/folder.  May I assume that you have limited these rights on network shares and not a user's local machine?  If so, I can think of a couple of possible workarounds:

1) Use the mkdir command in a CLI window to create the folder on the network share.  However, if you have a lot of non-savvy users, this might not be a viable option.

2) Have the user create the desired folder on their desktop (or some other local location) and then copy (not move) that folder to the network share.  After that, they can delete their local copy.

Of course, if you have limited the rights on the local machines, disregard my post.   ;)


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