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"Download" vs. "Manufacture"


Just read a very interesting article and argument over at Falkvinge that talks about using language properly, and specifically about "download" vs. "make/manufacture".


What really happens is that you have instructed your system to listen to a complex series of protocol packets, and using them as instructions, you manufacture a copy at your end. You are making a copy using your own resources and property, by listening to instructions online. If nobody listened to these instructions at the time, no copy would get manufactured. The copy isn’t downloaded, it is manufactured. This technical distinction is crucial for three reasons of net liberty.

The first reason is language. Compare the following four sentences:

* “He downloaded a copy of Avengers for free.”
* “He got a copy of Avengers without paying for it.”
* “He manufactured a copy of Avengers for free.”
* “He made a copy of Avengers without paying for it.”
--- End quote ---

Very interesting argument. Also, technically correct. Any "copy" is merely an internal configuration inside of some sort of memory device, be that RAM or storage. e.g. When I "give" my copy to you, I give you instructions for you to "manufacture" it inside of your own storage, and then we both have a copy.

e.g. The text on this web page exists inside of the DC server in its storage, and now exists in your computer as a copy made from instructions sent to you.

It's a very interesting perspective.

Which is the reason why people getting their internet service cut off for "downloading copyrighted materials" is ridiculous. You can't visit most websites without doing that. Unless the entire site is made with public domain stuff, it's all copyrighted.

I have recently borrowed Carl Sagan's "Contact" book in the local library and one thing irritates me about it a lot. The author states there is a message from some kind from an ancient civilization (or God) within PI. Well, of course, there is one, PI has infinite digits and all kind of information is stored within it, including the Avengers movie. Except "stored" is kind of misleading. I would probably need lots of gigabytes just to tell you, where in PI the Avengers movie is.

I would probably need lots of gigabytes just to tell you, where in PI the Avengers movie is.
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Speaking of lots of gigabytes. ..


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