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Problem with Lauchbar 1.133.01


When using launchbar 1.133.01 %Recent% and *.pdf as described in the documentation does not get a list of the recent pdf files.  Is there a fix?
Also the discussion forum indicated that "bata's of software may also be available" where would I find this area.

proper threads:

-where beta versions also would be announced

"beta's of software may also be available"
--- End quote ---

-the key word is "may"; I believe you already have the latest version.

Hi Ramda, welcome to the site!
As Curt says, this post belongs in the forum area dedicated to LaunchBar Commander -- I will move it there shortly.

But meanwhile, let me try to help.

Can you try just using %Recent% and see if it shows any files? Let's tackle one problem at a time.
Maybe you could post a screenshot of your configuration of that node?
Also, could you tell us what operating system you are using?


The System I am using is a hp Window 7 (64bit), 6Gb Memory, 1.5tb Hard Drive.
Attached screen shot of result from taking out *.pdf (i can then click on any of the lnk's to edit file), the second page is the mainsetup for Recent PDF.
I looked in the recent directory  and all the files end in .lnk   (see 3rd screen Shot) I then looked in one of its sub directories (4th screen shot )

Hope you can help


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