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[Request] File renaming with more comfort


Hi Mouser,

for more comfort at file renaming I would suggest to select only filename without dot and extension in the screenshot panel when renaming a file.

Explorer and some other filemanagers do so, which is much more comfortable.

Any comments about this suggestion?

excellent idea, i will try to make it so.

pro tip:
you can also rename the current file easily by changing the name in the filename edit field at the bottom of the SC window and hitting enter.

I think this suggestion could be handy. I use it in xplorer², which gives you the option of setting the default as being either the whole filename+extension, or just the filename for renaming. Maybe the same option could be built into SSC too? That way, people could be free to choose whichever they might prefer. This could be preferable to (say) fixing it as either one or the other.
It can certainly be time-saving and mistake-avoiding to be able to fiddle with this default setting to suit your peculiar changing/needs of the moment. It's one of those little things that matter.

I agree this is useful.  To rename a file in Total Commander, you press Shift+F6, and the entire filename+extension is marked.  Press Shift+F6 a second time, and the mark contracts to just the rootname.  This is actually a toggle, keep pressing to cycle between modes.


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