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Looking for a minimalist Desktop Calendar Application..

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hi mouser and all,
well, pity that the project is sort of "suspended" for now.

my question then to all the "calendar searchers" out there is:
does anybody know of a "simple and basic" calendar program which, as mouser initially stated, offers click-and-enter-text AND (this being the function i definitely need) click-and-change-backgroundcolor [multiple color choice!] for any day of the grid? 

thanks and cheers
-chrisk (April 13, 2013, 10:35 AM)
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  With RTPO you can change the background color and the text color.  I don't know if you can change the background color for each day though.  It's definitely "Click and enter text".

  I just got the latest update and realized that I've been getting updates since 1998 without having to pay a cent!  How great is that?  I contacted the author by email the other day about how to move the default data folder.  The very next day I got a reply telling me what to do (really simple), plus he told me he would add an option to do that from the toolbar and would be ready for download in a few days!  Now that's what I call Customer Service with a smile.....

  The trial version is good for 30 days if you want to check it out.  It really is an excellent calendar program, I prefer it over any of the other commercial calendar programs that I have like the one that comes with Word, Works, Corel and more.....

Mouser, you should check out Interactive Calendar. It seems to fit your request.

Another option to look at for ideas is Calendar Editor Pro.  The main thing going for it is you can type directly into each day.  The interface isn't great for navigating between months and years, it's rough around the edges and the author disappeared and took down the site.

You can find version 3.0 at Softpedia.

Looking for a minimalist Desktop Calendar Application..


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