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Blackberry is Back... And Looking to Usurp Some Androids... :D


Well, we've all heard about the woes of RIM. A friend was laid off from there. It sits on top of the place where I used to go to school. The old soccer field is gone...

But enough of that.

RIM has done something INTELLIGENT!

HOLY CRAP! Can you imagine it? A tech company kind of sort of almost maybe possibly breaking the mold a little tiny bit! :P

(The entire breaking the mold paradigm has until now been completely dominated by small companies like Xamarin. Props to Miguel!)

Got an Android app? Now you can put it into the Blackberry World store with minimal fuss!

It looks pretty good. Write for Android, then package for Blackberry.

I gotta admit... I do root for the guys at RIM. Even though they paved the soccer field where I used to play... I'll forgive them for that. :P

They have a big push now though --- go to the Code Project and you'll see truckloads of Blackberry ads.

Let's hope that RIM does well. Competition out there will really help the tech sector. We don't need any more monopolies or fixed markets in IT. We need more freedom and innovation. I think this is a good thing for everyone.

(And yes - I'm a 110% bigot against closed markets/eco-systems -- I like the ability to cross over between mobile/computing eco-systems.)

GO RIM~! :D YAY~!  :Thmbsup:

 There's a saying that goes: You can't ever fence the world out. All you can do is fence yourself in.

It's a realization RIM finally seems to be embracing. Lets wish them well.  :Thmbsup:

Paul Keith:
Misleading title. This does not create competition. This is akin to saying you can view Facebook in Rockmelt instead of Google Chrome i.e. the Ubuntu model for Linux. Get from the community, rarely give back to the community. :(

Cross posting, but I think you'll agree this is worth it! :)



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