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Changing fixed capture size for Screenshot Captor

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Hi could you advise me please.
I'm trying to capture various screen shots for a web site and they all need to be 827 x 400 poxs.

I can't se where I go to change the size of the fixed size capture box. Any ideas?


I'll also note that another thing you can do if you want specific sized images, like for a blog, is to use the File -> Thumbnail option, set a thumbnail size there, and then after that hit the quick thumbnail button on the toolbar.

you're most kind. I've created a thumb nail in the size I want now. It saves it to the screen RHS. I'd like to save it to a folder of my choice/

Screenshot Captor is always going to want to create a thumbnail in its screenshot folder.

However what you can do is add custom "MoveTo" folders in the preferences, and then any time you want to move a folder into one of your favorite MoveTo folders, just select it from the MoveTo menu.

You can also just click and drag any image from the sidebar panel of Screenshot Captor into any other open window (or program that supports drag and drop).


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