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FARR startup/commandline parameters/arguments


I've just started using FARR, but already I'm so excited with its potential that now I want to integrate it with everything. Currently I'm trying to find out a way to take the output of another application and launch FARR searching for that output. In essence, I'm trying to find out the startup parameters to start up FARR with. You know, like you can start Notepad with "<filename>" to open filename with Notepad?
Any help (and probably farther help) is much appreciated![color=][/color]

Welcome to the site Phileas -- I'm glad you like the program!

Ok in the help file look for a chapter called "Commandline Options", in it you will see a bunch of commandline options you can use to tell FARR to do stuff.

Here is the current list:

* -standalone = start FARR visible and in taskbar, and exit on close of window
* -search "search string" = start FARR visible (or bring up any running copy) and start a search
* -show = start FARR visible (or bring up any running copy)
* -hide = hide FARR if visible
* -toggle = toggle display of farr
* -exit = exit any running copy of FARR.
* -exitifnotrunning = exit FARR unless it was already running and this was a second instance launched just to search or launch
* -launch = start FARR (or invoke in a running copy) and launch a command (can use any normal FARR launch strings including setting user variables, etc.)
* -unloadplugins = tell running instance of FARR to unload all plugins temporarily, so that plugin files can be replaced
* -loadplugins = tell farr to reload temporarily unloaded plugins (must be balanced # of calls)
NOTE: You can launch a second instance of FARR with these arguments, and they will be PASSED ON TO THE FIRST INSTANCE and executed, without actually leaving a second instance running (so don't specify -exit unless you want to kill all running instances)

It sounds like you were interested in the -search commandline argument, so you would call:

FindAndRunRobot.exe -search "blah blah"

to have FARR open up and start searching for "blah blah".

Thanks you for the detailed answer. :) although now I'm embarased :-[ to not have read through the help file first.


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