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PicPick vs FastStone Capture vs Screenshot Captor vs Jet Screenshot

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... and shareXmod.

Paul Keith:
For those who don't want to click the link, this is why Screenshot Captor fell so far below:

One of the issues I have with this software is that although on its website it is stated that it allows for “the easy and automatic or on-demand uploading of screenshots to a wide variety of image hosting services (imageshack, flickr, ftp, etc.)”, on further inspection the downloading of additional software is required in order for this functionality to be utilized. Additionally the user interface comes across as being more cluttered and less user-friendly than that of PicPick and FastStone Capture.
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fair criticisms.. i'll have to try to do better with Screenshot Captor to win some of you guys back.

PicPick is annoying with it's constant updates and crapware bundle.
I removed it off my wife's computer, she was annoyed as well.
Plus you have to get it from cnet and no direct download link that I found.

FastStone is better at scrolling windows then SC.
Other then that SC is my standard.

Without reviewing the built-in editors they are all basically the same.

I've had no troubles with SC's built-in editor.
It does what it says, and what I want it to.
FastStone's editor is pretty basic.

Oh, one other thing.
SC is faster at saving shots.
One can grab multiple shots very quick.
Just save in the pop-up dialog and grab another without the editor.

edit again- Just played with FS a bit, it can save quickly too.

Plus you have to get it from cnet and no direct download link that I found.-cmpm (January 23, 2013, 05:36 AM)
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