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"Save [copy of image] as" confusing cause it works different to "Save as"


Screenshot Captor
"Save Copy of Image As"

Okay, it doesnt say 'Save as' but I did expect it to work similarly
what I expected:
do a bit of work on a file, then 'save as' would leave the original untouched, and create a new copy which would include any modifications made.
what we get:
both files are changed.

i.e. the correct approach would be to create a copy and *then* edit it.

I dont expect you to change the behaviour* but I have gotten caught by this a couple of times before, and was wondering if you could make the wording clearer. I dont even have a suggestion myself, so I'm throwing it out there....

*  but if it were an option it would be clearer.

both files are changed.
--- End quote ---
"save copy as" and "save new version" should NOT change the original.
can you give me steps to reproduce?

Okay, after a bit of misunderstanding things, I've figured it out:
the problem is that I'm saving the 'save as'/new file elsewhere, i.e. not in the same folder.

SC then cannot show it, so when I move to another file, the changes made are applied to the original.

This was complicated (for me) by the following:

I actually initially thought I was saving in the same folder, but I wasnt.
The default 'Screenshots' folder is
My Documents\DonationCoder\ScreenshotCaptor\Screenshots

I changed this to
Z:\My Documents\Screenshots

when I go to 'save as', it goes to the default one - I dont know is this SC's responsibility or mine ...

hmm... yes ok that makes some sense.

and i guess you have it set to save on changes without asking -- otherwise it should have asked you if you wanted to save changes before switching images i guess.

the default folder for save as.. let me ponder this..

you might try using the SAVE+ button on the right hand toolbar -- it was specifically made for quickly saving a new version of the file and switching to it, leaving the original alone.

the default folder for save as.. let me ponder this..
-mouser (January 15, 2013, 03:27 PM)
--- End quote ---

once I figured what was happening, I saved the next one in the correct folder. It remembers that - i.e. it remembers the previous save location.
So, this could have been user 'error', I dunno.

Thanks for the button tip :up:


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