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Some hotkeys don't obey like win+m

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Some hotkeys don't obey like win+m

How can i investigate this problem ?

Best Regards

I have found others that cannot be re-mapped. I was never able to find a workaround, despite posting in various places and scouring the net.

you can of course re-assign the various keys as you please
This claims to be able to do so for $15, but I have not tested it:

Some keys (and I don't recall the exact key now) can't be re-assigned as they are hardcoded and Windows won't let you. I have a program that allows the Windows keys to be re-mapped and it failed for 1 particular key. When I contacted the developer, he did some research and then removed the key from the list of re-mappable keys.

I reinitiate.....
I hope solve the problem.


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