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Cleaning up this section


One of the things that makes it hard for new members to figure out what software is currently available is the fact that there is a lot of noise from old discounts.  I'll be going through, pruning them, and moving them to expired discounts for posterity- from here, and shareware discounts for members.  I started with redirections, but figured that those cause just as much noise, so there won't be redirections in the future- they'll just be moved.  If you know of any that are expired, let me know so I can sort them appropriately.  Because of this, confine any discussion threads to the sub-board Member's Only Discount Discussion.


Great work. Long overdue. Much appreciated.  :up:

Would it be possible to automate the cleanup?  Perhaps a way to associate an "expiration date" with the thread, and then perhaps have it automatically move to the "Expired Offers" subsection?

I'd also like to see the thread titles changed to have **EXPIRED** added to them, or a way to see the expiration date at a glance without opening. (I'm lazy :-[)

Not really.  You have to manually go and check to make sure that it is still operational.  Sometimes the vendors are very generous, and let it go farther than it would seem.


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